MHIC# 102803
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Refinishing bathrooms and kitchens gives new life to existing fixtures by repairing moderate damage, cleaning  deep-seated stains and resurfacing/refacing tubs, walls and cabinets at a fraction of the cost that it takes to  undertake a full replacement.

So what's the process?  At its most basic level refinishing is a 3 step process - repairing, refining and refacing. 

If a tub has been previously painted or refinished there will be a stripping process. All chips and cracks are repaired and sanded down. Moderate damage like missing tiles or small holes can also be repaired.

The surface is cleaned in two stages. The first cleaner removes anything synthetically based i.e. caulk, silicone, etc. The second cleaner removes anything organically based such as soap scum, mildew, etc. Once the cleaning has been completed, any area not to be sprayed is covered; fixtures and the overflow cover are removed.

Resurfacing / Refacing
This is a two part polymer acrylic paint that will adhere to the  surface of the tub. The polymer is flexible and the acrylic gives the paint its hardness for a smooth finish. The product works great on fiberglass tubs due to its flexibility. We set up  a ventilation exhaust system to reduce fumes reaching the rest of the household.

Spraying can take up to an hour depending on the original the color of the tub. We take our time so that the job is done correctly the first time. Drop cloths are put down to prevent over spray.  The whole process can take from 4-6 hours. In 24 hours after properly being cured your tub and tile will look like new!

DIY Kits
You may have come cross the option of using a DIY kit to refinish your bathroom.  Without experience in applying acrylics and the professional tools to make the end result looked polished, you may end up with off-color and uneven surfaces that will quickly deteriorate.   Most of these kits are rolled on or in a spray can format which can never replicate the results of a professional application.  Many of our customers approach us after already having made a costly and time-consuming attempt at DIY.