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Our Masterpieces

Standard and Claw foot Tubs

Most homes have a standard tub with a tile wall or a surround. Below are a couple of before and after photos of a standard tub. In the first set of pictures, a homeowner had a pink and blue color scheme and wanted to update their look without going over budget. The second set of pictures are from a home that had mineral deposits and rust stains. Lastly, the last set of pictures are some of what seems like hopeless cases that turn into a masterpiece once finished. These two homeowners were pleasantly surprised that they had a beautiful new bathroom and stayed within their budget.

If you have any questions on whether you can be considered for refinishing instead of replacing give us a call.



Shower Stalls and Shower pans

Recently we refinished a shower that had a poor support system and needed restoration.  The current owners had purchased this house and did not realize that their shower was slowly becoming unusable.  The first picture illustrates the shower with previous attempts at patching the hole. The second picture shows the process prior to refinishing. It is cleaned, prepped then repaired using a fiberglass resin. The last picture is the finished product with one small addition. This shower pan has a Skid Resistant Surface (SRS) to prevent slipping in the shower. (Can also be used for bath tubs)

Tile and Sink Repair

Tile and sink repair are one of our specialties. Some households have old sinks that are scratched or have tiles that are missing or cracked. We can fix those damaged tiles to make it look like you just had your bathroom retiled.

For more information on repairs give us a call.

Kitchen Cabinets and Counter Tops

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets and counter tops is a great way to update your kitchen without the considerable expense of a full replacement.  When you refinish your cabinets or counter tops you do not have to deal with contractors or permits. Best of all, you can use your cabinets or counter tops after one day.

We also provide a speckled finished for counter tops to add a more modern look to your kitchen.

Here is an example of what your cabinets and counters can become: